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How to Add iCalendar ics Files to My Website

Have you ever registered for an event or webinar and then forgot about it? If your small business hosts events or webinars, adding an "Add to Calendar" function to your event calendar can help remind your customers to attend.

iCalendar files use the .ics extension and are supported by Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Yahoo! Calendar, Microsoft Outlook and Entourage, and many others… When a user clicks a hyperlink on your website associated with a .ics file, it triggers the option to add that event to their calendar.

How Do I Create an iCalendar .ics File?

Scenario One: Template Websites

If you are using a template system for your website, check your calendar tools. There may be an iCalendar function built it. If so, all you need to do is active the function.

Scenario Two: Self-Built Websites

If you are maintaining your own website files, you can create .ics files within your website editor or text editor, or with our iCalendar code generator. Upload the files to your web hosting account and hyperlink to them from your calendar details pages.

Scenario Three: Custom Programmed Websites

If you are a web programmer, you can use whichever programming language you work with to generate iCalendar files directly from your calendar function and write them to the website hosting account. Either set the coding to generate a file each time an event is added to or updated from the calendar, or, on the fly when a web user wants to use the iCalendar function.

iCalendar File Basics

iCalendar files look like this:

DESCRIPTION:[description goes here]
SUMMARY:[event name goes]

You can also add an alarm with:


When you are confident in your .ics abilities and are ready to add more features, take a look at

Helpful Tool

Ready to create your iCalendar .ics files? Use our online iCalendar code generator...

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