Winning Strategies for Online Success!

Small Business Tools for Online Success

Professional websites, eMarketing campaigns, and social media efforts give legitimacy to your business. Pay-per-click and banner ads help you attract more customers. Contact management systems, scheduling systems, and Skype help you stay in-touch.

Using some or all of the following technology tools will help you grow your business.


Your website, email, brochures, and business cards communication your brand and help you sell your products and services. Coordinating the logo, colors, and typefaces keeps your brand strong.

Are you ready for a professional website? Would you like a review of your branding materials? We can help...


Keep in direct touch with your customers and clients by sending out a weekly or monthly newsletter featuring your industry and business. Use Constant Contact or Aweber for your eMarketing needs.

Need help getting started? We can setup your account, upload your logo, edit the response email forms, and setup a template for you. We can even create a custom template to match your branding. Learn more about our services...

QR Code Generator

With the widespread use of SmartPhones, QR codes have now found their place as a useful marketing tool. Use our free online QR code generator tool...

iCalendar .ics Code Generator

If your business offers events and/or webinars, use our online iCalendar code generator tool to help create your .ics files.

Social Networking

Which social networking sites will work well with your type of business?

Consistancy is the key with social networking. If you have the time and/or the staff to populate all if them, GREAT! If not, pick the one mostly likely to cultivate clients and get started. We can help setup your accounts...


Many social networking sites offer paid advertising. Look for niche locations to use your advertising budget wisely. If you are selling coffee retail, you are more likely to find your customers on Facebook or through Google AdWords. If you are a high-end accountant, Linkedin is a better option. Yahoo! also has Advertising Solutions.

Contact Management and Scheduling

You can purchase software for your computer or you can use online services for your Contact Management needs. Online services also provide appointment scheduling options for your clients.

Skype / Telephone

Your clients are people, are they not? If not, then it is people who are paying for your product or service. Pick up the telephone and have a conversation! You can use your SmartPhone or you can call using Skype on your computer. Even better, use Skype on your SmartPhone.

Backing Up Your Business

It is important to create and implement a backup solution for all your electronic documents right from the start. Remember to include important email communications. Your backup solution can be as simple as an external hard drive, or a backup account in the clouds. Whichever you choose, do it NOW!!! Don't wait until you have lost all your work to "think about it."