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My iMac Will Not Wake Up

Are you aware that you can find solutions to many computer hardware and software issues on the Internet?

The other night my iMac went to sleep and would not wake up. After several attempts at clicking the return key and moving the mouse I rebooted the machine and thought no more about it.

Again, the next morning this iMac would not wake up nor boot up this time, so I thought. After watching a blue screen for a minute or two I turned the computer off, used my laptop to check my external backup disk to make sure it had not been corrupted, then considered my next move. I was building a large web application and had planned to work diligently that day to finish, but the universe seemed to have put a wrench in those plans.

Finding a Solution

At first I assumed I would be taking time off work to visit my local Mac Genius bar, then decided to give a try. From another computer I searched for a solution using the keywords “imac will not wake up.” This produced a post that helped get the iMac back in working order within about 5 minutes.

The first helpful piece of information was a mention from another iMac user that their computer was taking a long time to boot up after it would not wake up. From there I realized I had not waited long enough for my iMac to reboot, so I tried again. It eventually rebooted while I kept reading.

The next helpful piece of information was a post suggesting that the startup disk was not set correctly. I went to Apple -> System Preference… -> Startup Disk, found that nothing was selected, and after re-selecting the startup disk, the iMac worked properly.


Why did the startup disk settings change? I have no idea. All I know is that it is now fixed and I am back in business. And I am grateful to Rick Lang who cared enough to post the solution that got me back on track at

Next Issue

With this issue solved, I noticed that the morning’s WebTips Wednesday email had not arrived and called Constant Contact to find out why. After checking with their network tech people, it turned out that one of their email servers was off-line and I was the first person to report the issue. They had it back on-line in a few minutes and the emails went out.

The rest of my day was uneventful and I was able to continue working on my web application.

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