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Three Tools to Increase Your Small Business Productivity

Starting and growing a small business takes vision and perseverance and the ability to solve issues that you never imagined existed when you were an employee. Increasing the productivity for your small business is one key to growth and there are many online tools to help you.

Tool #1: YouSendIt

Tired of waiting for emails with large files to download so you can get back to your important work? If your work requires you to deal with large files on a regular bases, check out YouSendIt. With YouSendIt, you can share large files, up to 10GB, without clogging email accounts. You post them to your account and send email containing links to the files, giving the recipient the option to download the files on their timetable, instead of interrupting their day with large email attachments. Files can also be synced with all your electronic devices so you no longer need to email yourself from work to home and vice versa. For collaborations, YouSendIt includes document feedback tools and electronic signatures for contract signing.

Tool #2: Skype

Do your employees travel often or work from home? Skype offers free Skype to Skype calls anywhere in the world. Download their software and call your employee’s computer across town or across the ocean and talk as long as you like. Calls to mobile phones and landlines are charged at low rates. Want to talk face-to-face? Skype offers video chat and group video calls. Need to discuss a project? Screen share and file sharing is available. Voice messaging, forwarding calls, caller id, and group calls are some of the other small business productivity tools offered by Skype.

Tool #3: SlideShare

Are presentations a large part of your small business marketing plan? SlideShare may have the tools you need to streamline your presentations and track which ones attract more revenue. Upload hi-resolution images for your presentations, documents, and e-books, or your professional videos. Password protect your uploads and share them only with those you authorize. Capture leads, have meetings on dedicated conference lines, and track presentations views and performance.

All three websites have free plans that give you the option to try out their tools and see if they work for your small business before upgrading to paid subscriptions. Take a few minutes now to review their frequently asked questions and see how their tools can help you grow your small business.

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