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What are QR Codes and How Do I Use Them for Marketing

Two-dimensional QR (Quick Response) codes were originally developed in Japan for the automotive industry and were read by optical scanners. With the widespread use of SmartPhones, QR codes have now found their place as a useful marketing tool. QR codes can contain any information, however, on the Internet they are primarily used to send users to a specific URL.

Show Me a QR Code

Below is a QR Code for the ReaLife WebDesigns WebTips Wednesday email sign up form. Try scanning it with your SmartPhone and see what happens.

WebTips Wednesday email signup QR code

How to Generate a QR Code

QR codes can be generated using online tools.

Where to Place QR Codes

QR Codes can be placed on any surface that can be scanned. Here are a few obvious and not so obvious suggestions:

Want a pleasant surprise? Go to, enter “qr code cupcake” and see what you find. Then be creative with your QR code placements.

QR Code Does and Don't

Helpful Tool

Ready to create your QR code? Try our online QR code generator...

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