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Local Small Business City Names and Zip Codes

Does your small business website cater to a local crowd? Maybe you own a restaurant or run a local errand service.

Users often search local businesses by a city name or a zip code. I personally found an animal massage therapist for my injured dog by searching “dog massage XXXXX” (xxxxx being my zip code) at Hair salons, accountants, motels, electricians, plumbers, and auto mechanics are some of the candidates for local search. Really, the list is endless.

If you own a local search small business, include your local city names and zip codes in the meta tags and at the bottom of your website’s homepage. If there are more than three major cities involved, choose the three most important city names for the meta tags and include all of them at the bottom of your homepage.

Meta Tag Samples

Bottom of Page Samples

Worldwide Small Businesses

If you own a small business that caters to the world via the telephone, email, and/or Skype, be clear to your users about your availability. Business coaching, graphic arts, writing, editing, virtual assistance, and many more occupations are all candidates for virtual services. Samples for virtual businesses include:

Bottom line – be clear to your website users how your goods and services are available to them.

If you have questions or have additional samples to share, include them in the reply section below.

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