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Growing Your Email Marketing List from Facebook

With the invent of social media, it is convenient to grow follower lists using the tools supplied by Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., but what happens when the social media website goes out of favor, and the followers you cultivated have moved on the latest and greatest? Are they lost forever? Are you now starting over on the next social media website?

Building Your List

Building your list independent of the social media websites helps you to keep your followers for the long-term and allows you to alert them when you take up using another social media avenue. Building your list with an independent Email Marketing tool is the way to keep your followers, as the web evolves and fads come and go.

Facebook Apps

Many Email Marketing systems have apps that facilitate adding their email signup form directly to your Facebook business page, making it convenient for your social media followers to join your Email Marketing list. Here are some of the email marketing tools that provide Facebook apps:

If you are using another Email Marketing system, contact them to see if they have a Facebook app. Chances are they do. And, remember to add links to your email list signup form on your website and other social media sites as well.

Need Assistance?

If you would like assistance setting up your email marketing account and/or installing the Facebook app, call ReaLife WebDesigns, Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. California time at 310.371.3275. We are happy to help you grow your business!

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